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Grand views and European-style shopping district in a picturesque suburban setting

Mill Valley is an all-encompassing city in one of Northern California’s most idyllic environments. The area is home to 14,330 people and part of Marin County. It is located a mere 14 miles north of San Francisco. For those who enjoy getting up to Wine Country, the city is a short 52-mile drive from Napa Valley. With everything there is to do and see in town — and within a one-hour drive — you’ll never get bored with life in Mill Valley.

Residents of Mill Valley have convenient access to almost every kind of amenity they desire. Contained inside of city limits, locals can go golfing, traverse Cascade Falls, explore art galleries, hike one of several trails, send their children to top-rated schools, spend time at a park or nature preserve, unwind at the beach, and have an unforgettable dining experience.

Those who are looking to buy a home in Mill Valley can expect to spend near the city’s median list price of $1,795,000. Neighborhoods offer residents a high degree of privacy, as well as a diverse selection of property styles. Everything from modern suburban houses to vintage hillside cabins can be found in various communities.

What to Love

  • All-encompassing
  • Top-rated public schools
  • Only 14 miles from San Francisco and 52 miles from Napa
  • Picturesque, scenic neighborhoods
  • Numerous spots for outdoor recreation

People & Lifestyle

Mill Valley is easily one of the area’s most tranquil places to live. Driving or walking through local neighborhoods, you’ll experience an unmatched sense of peace and quiet. The bulk of homes are nestled atop hills or tucked away on private driveways. This creates a sense of privacy that can often be found solely in rural areas.

Commuters, families, and anyone seeking a suburban neighborhood that offers a secluded and serene environment should relocate to Mill Valley. It is far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life yet close to essential conveniences.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

As an all-encompassing city, it is easy to find every kind of shopping and dining experience you seek in Mill Valley.

Explore an eclectic collection of the area’s top stores on and around Throckmorton Avenue and East Blithedale Avenue. This general area is designed to look like a European-style village and makes for the perfect afternoon or evening out. Locals enjoy checking out the latest arrivals at SummerHouse, AfricaGems, Monarch, Studio Velo, Terrestra, Two Neat (a greeting card shop), and Mill Valley Market grocery store.

The restaurant scene in this quaint village setting is equally as impressive as its shopping scene. Within a few city blocks, you can find unique menu offerings that span almost every kind of cuisine. When planning your next meal out on the town, consider dining at Avatar’s Punjabi Burritos, Vasco Restaurant, Phyllis’s Giant Burgers, La Ginestra, Playa Mill Valley, Bungalow 44, and Kitchen Sunnyside.


Mill Valley is home to several excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

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