The Importance of Property Inspections

  • Chris Jurach
  • 09/13/21

Pre-sale inspections play a vital role when preparing to sell your property. 

Top agents know the value of having an unbiased 3rd-party develop an easy-to-read report that helps both the Sellers and potential Buyers evaluate the building's current condition. It can mean the difference between receiving multiple non-contingent offers or complicating the deal mid-escrow and potentially having to address unforeseen issues.

Purchasing property is a large investment and to sell at the pace of this real estate market, throughout the Bay Area, it requires having a complete disclosure package before selling. It shows that the seller is disclosing all known information about the property and informs the buyer about the current condition of the home's foundation/ structure, systems, features and attributes, etc are all in good working order.

It also signals to the Buyer pool that the Seller is prepared, and has performed due diligence to inform themselves. When a Buyer becomes informed about the condition of the property, it helps them present their highest and best offer and potentially buy the home "As Disclosed". This typically eliminates the need for offers contingent upon further inspection, and will often get the Seller clean offers with a quicker closing period.

Along the way, it can also support the current pricing strategy; knowing in advance that there isn't a need for pest repairs or a new roof in the coming year will allow the Seller to set the asking price closer to market value. Many times, I encourage potential buyers to speak directly with the inspector(s) during the marketing period, since they have the capacity to address the findings (e.g. the structural integrity of a home is best defined by a structural engineer, not a real estate salesperson). I also find that this improves the confidence of the Buyer as they become aware of any potential future repairs or realize that the home is in move-in ready condition, alleviating needless worry.