Market Updates

  • Chris Jurach
  • 10/8/21

If you're interested in tracking the market value of your home, or the market in general, you probably subscribe to any number of blogs and reports delivered by major corps/ brands or brokerages.

If you're reading this, you already appreciate the style of communication I deliver or that comes from Vanguard Properties: understated, lean and to the point. That said, here's how you can get the skinny on weekly, monthly and quarterly market updates.

I can deliver weekly Market Highlights list via direct email: yet you have to ask for this information. It serves Sellers as well as Buyers efficiently, because we can observe market trends in real-time. Weekly trends avoid falling into the trap of mis-reading lagging indicators as the actual market. Email me at: and I'll add you to my weekly Market Highlights list. This includes several months of weekly trends in absorption rate of SFR/ condos/ 2-4 unit bldgs. and shows the current inventory vs. how many new/ coming soon vs. sold allowing you to read where the market is going each week.

Monthly market updates to you by subscribing to my newsletter: it's that simple! I share what’s happening in the world of real estate and in our community. This includes aspects of lifestyle & culture, the real estate market and Buyer & Seller strategies/ tips.

Vanguard Properties Market Updates can be reviewed for each market, including the Residential Development.